PlanetBox Eco-Lunch Kit Review!!!

PlanetBox Eco-Lunch Kit Review!!!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….BLAST-OFF into the wonder of an amazing green universe, where green is not just a color anymore. This universe has no plastic at all, no landfills, no pollution and every home has solar panels, gardens and little green people inside who everyday day, carry their PLANET BOX to school and work for a healthy lunch!

So this is maybe not the whole truth, but it is sure is fun to think about! The truth is that even though this universe may not exist – Planet Box does exist! I could not believe my eyes when I first clicked on their website and viewed the video on what exactly a Planet Box is which you can view here!

PlanetBox makes packing a waste-free and healthy lunch very convenient! It is a one-piece food-grade stainless steel lunch box with an easy to open latch and completely dishwasher safe! I just love all of the little compartments for foods that encourage healthy sized portions and variety – plus, you do not have to worry about foods that will touch each other!  It is so great to have just ONE thing to clean at the end of the day when our daughter brings her lunch home. I just throw it in the dishwasher, and it is ready in the morning without the fuss of scurrying around to find containers.

So now you have a parent’s perspective on this lunch kit….what about your kids? I have found that there are thankfully becoming more options for eco-friendly lunch boxes, but are they fun? Are they cute? Is your child excited to carry it?

Our daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES her PlanetBox! Not only is it an attractive, shiny stainless steel lunch container, but wait! There is so much more! First off – your child can choose from several fun and whimsical designed magnets that attach to the outside to really personalize things! The material for these are not the “typical” toxic type PVC/vinyl, but a material that has been certified as free of toxins and safe for use. Here are just a few of the adorable kid-friendly choices:

Moving right along (oh, you thought that was it? No Sir, or ma’am or miss or you with the hat), not only will your kit have all of these goodies, but then you get to choose a carrying bag. These bags are free of lead, vinyl/PVC, phthalates, BPA or any other harmful substances and come in 3 bright and fun colors! There are two outside pockets (one for a water bottle and one for a container that you can also purchase). I have to say that has been the only down-side to our PlanetBox – we NEED a water bottle! We have been looking around to find one that is as cute as the lunch kit, healthy and non-toxic and one that will fit into the pocket! Working on it.

Just take a peek here at what the PlanetBox looks like!

Easy to open – lies flat on a table – durable handle – you can throw in your own ice pack to keep things cool…

Cute right? Now, before you go looking for the price, I need to warn you! It does sound pricey. It does. BUT BUT BUT, you have to do the math on this one. I would have a hard time spending (or talking SGD into letting me spend) 59.95 for the entire kit. However, this is not intended to be a “throw-away” lunch box like the el’ cheapos you might find at your local convenience store. It has been designed with high quality materials that are made to last for years. It is durable and functional, and with so many “design” choices (bag, magnets etc) your child can change the look every year for a “brand new” feel! I figure too, now I am able to save money on the cost of disposable baggies and  plastic containers, and I will not have to buy something that is unsafe and gets tossed into our landfills at the end of each school year. As much as I hate math, this really made sense to me!

I hope you like this. I think this company has done an excellent job from start to finish and I know our M is going to continue to love and enjoy her PlanetBox for many more years! Time to get our E one as well.

Smileys? You bet!

:) Earth Friendly

:) Non toxic materials

:) Designed to make lunches healthy and fun

:) Made to last

:) Encourages nutrition and variety with portion control compartments

Thank you Miros family for creating PlanetBox!!!

Disclaimer: I did receive product from PlanetBox, but this in no way shaped my opinions. My thoughts and opinions expressed here are honest and my own!