Three Sisters Cereal {Review}

Three Sisters Cereal {Review}

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Three Sisters Cereal is a natural solution to our good-morning-I’m-hungry-tummies! This sustainable cereal makes this green mama happy with their efforts in reducing waste, water use and they purchase wind-generated electricity credits from Windsource® for 100% of the electricity used to produce our natural cereals.They, like so many of us, try their best to do it the environmentally friendly way with their “freshness saver” bags that keep their cereal “fresh and tasty—and eliminates the need for a bag and a box like most other cereal packaging. You save natural resources by choosing a product that uses less packaging.” Yep -their cereals are packaged in resealable bags to help them stay as fresh as the smell of spring in the early morning hours! But without chirping birds. Sorry – I know…I totally wish there were birds chirping too.

I was excited to give these cereals a try because we are cereal eating-freaks around here. Like all day long.

Three Sisters makes it easy to bring good taste and good value to your table. Our cereals use only the highest quality ingredients. Seriously, who needs to start their day with partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup? And, we never use artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Nothing fake or phony here!

Less packaging, less waste.

With our cereals, you can take a small step toward making the world a better place. Our “freshness saver” bags keep our cereal fresh and tasty—and eliminates the need for a bag and a box like most other cereal packaging. You save natural resources by choosing a product that uses less packaging.

A healthy breakfast for our kids is so critical. I make a huge effort to see to it that my little one’s walk out the door to school feeling satisfied and ready to go mentally and physically. I want them to start their day with a healthy and nutritious meal so they can preform and feel their best you know? Sometimes we do eggs for our M, whole grain toast, fruit and yogurt and their fav – my 3 ingredient chewy granola bars…but there’s something about cereal for kids. It’s like learning to ride your bike with no hands (please do not try this at home, it’s strictly for the professionals or something like that). You get the picture though right? Kids and cereal go together  like pina coladas and the beach for pete’s sake!

So back to the cereal. It’s good stuff and can found at exclusively at Whole Foods! Oh and one more place just for you…SGM!!! 3 Sisters Cereal has graciously offered to give one of you FREE breakfast for a month – that’s 4 coupons of free cereal for one of ya’s! Here’s all their goodies!

Natural, sensible, sustainable cereals include:

Cinnamon Sweets®

Honey’n Oats™

Marshmallow Oaties®

Graham Crackerz™

Sweet Wheat™

Honey Oaties®


Brown Sugar & Maple

Dark Chocolate

Cinnamon & Apples

Plain Grain

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Disclosure: I did receive coupons for my own Three Sisters cereal to sample in order to do t his review. This in no way affected my opinions – my thoughts are mine alone!