Make the Switch to Reusable Sandwich Bags

Make the Switch to Reusable Sandwich Bags

TIP: Switch to reusable sandwich bags:

More than 20 million sandwich bags go straight from school lunches to the garbage as part of the 67 pounds of trash the average school-child’s lunch creates a year. In addition to using oil and energy, the bags do not biodegrade and can go airborne, which affects wildlife and fish and contributes to a Texas-size area of plastic trash in the ocean.

The Sierra Club estimates the average family spends $85 on plastic bags, so switching to reusable isn’t only good for the environment, it’s good for your pocketbook as well.

Switching isn’t the hard part of this action — making sure you have enough bags, keeping them clean, and getting them back is. You will want to stock up 2-4 bags per child, write their names on them, and teach older kids to rinse them out. Several kinds of bags can be thrown in the dishwasher to make clean-up even easier.

Written By: Practically Green (Thank you to my lovely friends for another fab tip!)

For more info and great green tips, visit the greenies over at Practically Green – and set up your very own personal action plan!

Notes from SGM!

Plastic baggies seem so convenient but really – not at all in the whole scope of things. What might save you a few cheap seconds in the early morning may have a huge price tag that I do not even want to think about. I have noticed so many adorable sandwich and snack bags on ETSY, where they are handmade by peeps just like you and I. There are companies who offer uniquely designed wraps and baggies too – one being my green buddies at  Litter Free Lunch who our family personally loves and uses! Oh and get this! They not only offer the PERFECT alternative to the plastic ones – they also offer the NOT SO PERFECT alternative too!!!

Say what you ask?

(drum roll please)

Introducing the……Not Quite Perfect Reusable Snack Bag

Litter Free Lunch Not Quite Perfect Reusable Snack Bag may have upside down peace symbols or the stitching a little crooked but is otherwise perfect. Made with the same durable and soft 100% cotton as our napkins with a nylon liner for easy care. Machine washable and line dry recommended. Sewn-in label with a space to write your name. Perfect for snacks on the go! 6″W x 5″ to 5 1/2″ H. $3.99 each

….is that not totally awesome of the or what? Did they toss them to the curb? NOPE! They conserved the waste and are generously offering it to all of us at a discount! The frugal woman in me will be all over this deal. So the stitching is a wee bit off – really aren’t we all? (I know, speak for myself!)

Don’t feel bad though if you want one that is perfect – it may cost a little  more but will save you TONS of cold hard green (a.k.a. cashola) in the long run!

I also love this one and am definitely going to have to buy one for my little Rock Stars! *Available from MightyNest Because anyone who carries a reusable bag *this* cool is a major super star!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post – tell us, do you have a favorite reusable baggie? Where did you purchase yours from? Do you prefer containers? I love my containers but sometimes a bag fits better! Let us know your thoughts :)