21st Century Subterranean Slavery Part IV

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21st Century Subterranean Slavery Part IV

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Part IV


Guards began to arrive calling one or more slave numbers and leading them away. Lastly the cellblock super ordered the remaining group of thirty or so, not in red shorts to line up in the hallway. She rose still seeing only shadows and picked up the iron ball; moving almost blindly in a trancelike manner following other slaves into the hallway. A guard led her to a spot where her neck chain was joined to a slave in front of her and a chain from behind was connected to her collar. Still blurry eyed she copied the stance of the females in front standing at attention. The guard then prodded her to maintain a certain distance from the slave in front. When satisfied with everyone?s posture she addressed them.

?Concentrate on satisfying this evening?s client as we walk, do not loose focus.? They walked slowly through several hallway tunnels until they neared a door. ?The door will open in one minute; remember you are sex slaves recently rounded up in a slave raid, transported in a filthy smelly slave ship. When the door opens you will cross the deck and walk down a ramp, which from inside the hall will look like a boarding ramp from an eighteenth century sailing ship A week ago you were free citizens in other nations, today each of you will be displayed stark naked and sold as property to an owner who can beat, abuse, fuck or even kill you at will; in other words: satisfy your future owner completely or you can be beaten senseless or die.

You will walk down the boarding ramp looking dejected and scared, walking deliberately in a disorderly jerky manner; giving the guards cause to prod you along with whips or riding crops. The whips will be snapped for effect without touching your flesh. Remember your posture upon entering is an act?to give the clients the impression that you are recently captured slaves. This is acting but the real reason you are here is not ? you are slaves?here for a night of sex; it can be obedient sex or defiant submission in which case you?ll be beaten and raped. You will of course need to gauge yourself to sense if the client is turned on by a disobedient slave. So you will be either a totally obedient sex slave, petrified but utterly subservient to your client?or a proud female resisting your owner?s advances, hopefully from the syndicate?s point of view resulting in multiple painfully colored stripes on your flesh.?

The door in front of them opened and several guards in period pirate like costumes took over the group as they stepped out on the deck of a mockup sailing ship. The deck actually rolled as is they were in real water, making it hard to walk. They were led to a skimpy boarding ramp and instructed to hang on to a rope railing with one hand while clutching the iron ball with the other and descend the sagging and swaying ramp. Once they reached solid ground, each slave naturally hesitated to regain her balance; a guard swiftly lashed the riding crop across each slave?s ass cheeks resulting xxx in a loud cry?s or scream before stumbling ahead, resulting in the next slave being jolted forward by the neck chain.

The last slave stepping off the ramp screamed loudly from an especially severe lash, probably for effect. A slow musical selection, she recognized from her fathers collection as: March of the Slaves, was booming over a speaker system mixed with the sound of breakers and seagulls. She hung her head closing her eyes at first in the bright lights as she limped along to whatever fate had in store for her. She glanced ahead as a guard lashed her ass when her chain to the slave in front of her tightened. The hall was maybe fifty feet wide with a high vaulted ceiling. On the left side a wooden stage or board walk, ten feet broad and two feet above the floor stretched the length of the hall. The lighting flooded the stage from high on the right side, like a late afternoon sun.

The backdrop was like a realistic movie set, representing a series of period store fronts Inns and slave auction houses, each with different roof lines. The wall above was painted in sky blue with scattered white clouds and the tops of ship?s mast. Each business was decorated with anchors, fishing net, ships wheels, heavy ropes, beer or vine barrels, mounted fish or paintings of naked women matching whatever product was being sold, creating an eighteenth century dockside atmosphere. Two gaps in the storefronts and the board walk revealed streets leading to a painted harbor front with views of square rigged sailing ships anchored or sailing in the distance.

They stumbled along slowly as many slaves resisted; jerking the connecting chains while some guards lashed their asses and others cracked bull whips. They passed by groups of slaves; males, lady-boys, female midgets; then females of all shapes. Every racial background was represented in each group. They were spaced about five feet apart and tethered to iron rings in the board walk. Behind every ten or fifteen slaves, a guard in period costume paced back and forth continually prodding reluctant slaves with the riding crops to turn and display different angles of their bodies. Every thirty feet or so wooden steps led to the board walk.

When they stopped, the neck chains were disconnected one at the time and each slave was then led or jerked, by the chain up the steps, to a spot behind a number carved on a rough wooden sign at the edge of the board walk matching the ID on her thigh. Many slaves resisted, some spitting at the guards resulting in several lashes.

She was near the middle of the chain gang and noticed five sets of /twins/">twins already tethered from a previous chain gang. Each pair was connected with a short chain from their neck collars with the lead chain hanging from a ring in the center. Every twin carried an iron ball but were branded with identical numbers and stood behind one sign.

Once she was tethered and her eyes accustomed to the bright lights high on the opposite wall she realized that the other side was totally different, resembling a two story motel with a broad second story balcony running the length of the hall. The ground level had a door every fifty feet or so and between them three wide mirrors. The second story balcony was crowded with clients, most sitting in comfortable chairs at small tables, drinking and talking. Some were standing at the railing talking to others while pointing at individual slaves, others watched through opera glasses. There were access stairs from the floor to that balcony in three places.

After some prodding she began to pose as she had been shown earlier in the day and wondered why there were no clients at the lower level. Then it struck her that the mirrors were one-way and clients requiring privacy were probably already watching them from the inside. After a while the music was turned down and changed to something out of an eerie scary movie. A voice began calling out slave numbers giving the door number to enter. A guard then led each chosen slave to the designated door returning after a few minutes.

Some of the slaves resisted being led away and were then prodded by a few whacks of the riding crop or crack of the bull whip. The five sets of female twins, two Asian, two blacks and one white blonde pair, were some of the first to be selected, all to lower level doors. She also noticed that most of the fifteen so midgets were led away early on, to the lower doors.

The strange eerie music seemed to depress her making her feeling sick to the stomach while she trembled with humiliation. She had been naked since she first woke up in the pit. Every slave was naked twenty-four hours a day; only the staff wore clothing but it had become normal to her. Right now however some of the more than a hundred fully clothed and free clients were watching her. They were here for one night or whatever and then they could return to the real world?they were free. She was a permanent /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave; on display like merchandise in a department store or groceries at a supermarket. The clients were just shoppers choosing an item, paying the cashier and then using what they bought, before carrying on with their lives. She would still be here on display every day, to be sold and consumed over and over again, for as long as her beauty lasted and then what? She trembled again, and nearly threw up. For the first time since being abducted the true hopelessness of her slave status hit her right in the gut.

The riding crop whacked her out of the reverie and she turned taking a deep breath, presenting another side of her flesh, for the convenience or pleasure of a large crowd of fully clothed sex slave consumers.

The Clients on the balcony made use of paddles she?d seen at auctions with numbers, probably representing their rooms. When ready to select a slave they would hold up the paddle and point at the desired object. A guard would walk to and whack that slave with the riding crop while looking up verifying the choice and then lead the slave, generously assisted by the crop, up the stairs to the clients table handing over the chain and keys for the locks. Some client would then order the slave to stand or kneel by the table, most hanging their heads, others defiantly spitting at the client as they had the guards; usually resulting in a punch in the gut or slap in the face accompanied by laughter from the surrounding crowd. Most of the clients would leisurely finish their meals and or drinks and in some cases discuss the slave?s physical attributes with other clients, pointing to and sometimes fondling various parts of the slaves body. When ready the client or clients would lead or in some cases drag a resisting slave to a door at the rear of the balcony, to the cheering delight of other clients.

Later, clients began to appear on the floor, most mounting the board walk to psychically inspect and fondle slaves before making a selection. They would then gesture at a guard who would unlock the chain from the ring; order the slave to pick up her ball and lead or have the client lead her away always assisted by a few lashes.

She was inspected and groped by probably thirty men and maybe ten women over the next while. Like her cell mate had predicted, they were mostly older men, nearly all Asians. She sensed strong sexual vibes from most of the men, despite their generally macho, sometimes aggressive behavior. Some women, usually with a male partner came across with a snobbish upper class attitude; touching or pinching her as if she had a disease. Other porn videos download women by themselves or with a male partner were probably lesbians or AC- DC and behaved more like men. Many clients behaved like they were buying livestock, prodding her flesh for muscle tone or checking her teeth. Some would make her bend over, inspecting and in some cases fingering her crotch.

She was almost relieved when finally chosen by a very arrogant, short and fierce looking Oriental male and led to a door by the guard. She thought about the madam?s riding crop, that hairy monster Warden and the pit. Her client was infinitely preferable. She tried to focus and re-enter the hypnotic state she had left the cell block with and wowed to submit totally to this man, no matter what.

Inside the lights were dimmed and she noticed comfortable seating by the one-way mirrors. There were telephones and stacks of numbered albums on coffee tables; some left open with nude pictures of slaves on one side and an opposite printed page, obviously with that slave?s vital statistics. She was wondering how many of the pictures taken in her photo-shot were included.

At a desk a clerk slave in red shorts wrote her ID under the room number on a black board. Her owner then signed a form with her number on it. The clerk then kissed the client warmly and thanked him for buying a slave; expressing then her sincere wish before kissing him again: that he would be totally satisfied and return in the future to purchase another slave. She was then led to his door; where the guard handed him the keys for her chain locks and left.

Once inside a sweet and very pretty Oriental woman in her mid thirties wearing a robe, grasped her neck chain. Her sweet personality made her feel better as she focused on having sex with her husband. The man who had picked her out, probably fifty-five or older sat down on an easy chair near the bed. The woman unlocked her ball and chain and then spoke softly in poor English.

?Stand here, show body,? she posed like she had on the stage turning exposing every angle of her body while doing a slow bump and grind for maybe ten minutes until he snapped an order to his wife.

?Come close /master/">master for touch, you must like him touch only little scared.? she pulled her by the neck chain until she stood between his knees. He sat up and began to fondle her body, sometimes grasping and pinching. She trembled and gasped and then began breathing deeply while moaning. Surprisingly she actually enjoyed his groping hands. The woman touched her back gently at one point prodding her to bend over while he fondled and sucked her breasts.

Soon he snapped another order to his wife or mistress, who prodded her to turn so he could fondle her ass and thighs. She was then prodded to touch the floor and spread her feet, while he just sat there watching her crotch, occasionally fingering and pulling on her inner labia, squeezing her clit and fingering her rose. She squealed with pleasure each time, astonished that she wasn?t acting. Another order after a few minutes and she was pulled by the neck chain to the bed.

?Lie bed slave, spread legs, feel titty and vagina, look master with love.? She quickly obeyed while he watched her with a commanding facial expression as she spread her thighs, fingering herself and groped her tits. ?Look smiling at master, you afraid a little but love him much.? She smiled and not feeling afraid while she tried to tremble. He soon snapped another order while pointing at the wall. ?Master not joyful, turn stomach,? she picked up a riding crop hanging on the wall and gave her ass five fairly hard lashed. She shrieked in pain and on his orders got five more. ?Turn again thank you and love master very many, play with vagina and titty, tell master you very hot feel.?

?Oh thanks you master for beating my ass, I love you very much,? strangely she somehow meant it and wondered if she sounded sincere but since he did not speak her language maybe he was satisfied.

He stood up and the woman removed his clothes and began to play with his penis getting it hard.

?Ask master love you with penis, very hot to love master.

?Please master I love you very much I really do, please make love to me.? She held out her arms, spreading her legs invitingly while smiling desperately. He got on the bed and plunked down hard on top of her sucking on her tits.?

?Must make sound good feeling you love like master or get lash on big bum.? She landed a light one on her thigh for emphasis. She began to moan twisting her body in anticipation of his cock. He suddenly penetrated her and began fucking while fondling and sucking her tits. Tell master him love good.?

?Oh master I love you please love me, oh you do it so well; I?m so hot please love me, please.?

?Him old, not moves fast long, you move big bum, keep say love.? She kept telling him that she loved him, switching the image in her minds eyes to the pit and then to her imaginary prince but it wasn?t necessary she truly enjoyed this small but muscular man?s cock in her cunt. She began to rock her pelvis wildly giving him a bucking horse ride while moaning her love for him and clutching his body with her arms and legs. He started to grunt in short regular bursts while she timed her movement accordingly, until a loud extended groan told her that she had satisfied her first client. He rolled off her body exhausted.

?You say thank you, honorable master give very good loving to you.?

?Oh my honorable master that was the /best/best-love/">best love I ever had, I love serving my master.? He was soon snoring. As she reflected on what she?d just said. How could this be; the man had bought her for the night and she had actually loved him for it?