Jess And The Police Officer

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Jess And The Police Officer

Jess is sitting at home bored with nothing to do and is quite hungry but doesn?t feel like cooking. She is 20yrs old about 5?4 with straight /blonde/">blonde hair 14DD bust and a little bit chubby bluey greeny eyes and is quite shy but inside her is a horny beast waiting to escape. She decides to drive into the city to find a nice restaurant too eat at.

Jess walks outside and gets in her car. As she walks out a light chilly breeze blows past her making her nipples harden under her top slightly and blows her skirt up a little and she realises she should have put on boy legs instead of the small pink g string she is wearing. Oh well she thinks. Feeling a bit naughty. She starts driving and turns onto the highway as she tries to merge no cars will let her in so she speeds up doing about 120k without realising
As she gets alain lyle porn further down the highway she hears sirens and starts moving left too move out of the way. The police car is behind her and is signalling her too pull over. She does. Thinking what the hell did i do? The policeman takes his time getting out of his car taking down her details and rego. He finally gets out of the car and starts walking towards Jess?s car. She is worried and doesn?t know what this is about, but she notices he is quite hot and pulls her skirt up a little showing the tops of her thigh and making sure she is showing enough of her cleavage
The police man gives the usual spill. Im constable Chris do you know why i pulled you over? Jess says no officer i don?t. While Chris is looking at her he notices she is very sexy and has lots of cleavage showing. He says. You where doing 120k in a 100 zone when you entered the highway. Can i see your licence please. Jess says yes and reaches over onto the passenger side too get her purse.

She unbuckles her seat belt and reaches over to where her purse is and without knowing flashes her ass under her skirt too officer chris showing him the pink g string. He immediately feels something in his pants start stirring. She gives him the licence and he realises she is about his age.
Jess says officer i was doing 120 because no fucker would let me in and i was trying to merge! Chris is shocked with her language and says do not swear at me mam. You where speeding and that is against the law.

Jess says well this is bullshit im not paying that fine. Officer Chris asks her too step out of the car. Jess steps out and he takes her around the other side of the car away from traffic to talk to her. She is very angry and officer chris tells her to turn around and put her hands on the car. She refuses so Chris grabs her and spins her around and pushes her onto the hood of her car. Jess can feel the cold metal of the car on her nipples and they start to harden. While officer chris put jess against the hood he dropped his notebook he tells her not too move and reaches down to grab indian santali xvideo it as he is on his way back up he can see straight up Jess skirt.

Chris hhandcuffs jess behind her back while she is bent over the hood. He then tells her he wont give her the fine. And she is gratefull but asks why? Chris reaches his hand up the back of Jess thighs and inbetween her legs onto her mound. He can feel heat coming off of it. Jess starts to wriggle but officer chris tells her she will be resisting arrest if she keeps moving. He slide his finger under the pink g string and brushes her clit. He notices her pussy is soaking wet. Jess is thinking omg what do i do!

Then she realises she is really turned on. There are cars driving past while she is bent over the hood of her car and the policeman is fingering her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Chris slides the g string down her legs and flings it away. Jess feels something warm and hard poking at her back and Officer Chris whispers in her ear. I hope your not too tight. And slides his whole /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock right into her pussy. She moans out from being so full of cock and Officer chris starts pumping away at her on the highway while cars drive past with people looking and seeing jess?s face showing pure pleasure.

The thrill of people watching turns her on so much its driving her wild.
Officer Chris pulls out and roughly grabs Jess and throws her in the back of his police car he climbs in after her and jess climbs on top of him and sits on his cock letting it slide all the way inside her. She bounces up and down and grinds on his cock, officer chris reaches up and tears her top away letting her tits free and starts kissing and sucking her nipples while she rides him. Jess starts moaning and saying she is going to cum and chris starts pumping his cock up into her while she thrusts down burying himself deep inside her he then feels her pussy tighten on his cock as she shakes and cums on his cock.

Officer chris lays jess down on the back seat and starts licking at her wet pussy slurping all of her juices up and flicking his clit with his tongue. Jess looks down and sees this policeman?s face buried in her pussy and feels like such a slut. She starts pinching and rubbing her nipples while she works his pussy.
Officer chris sucks her clit and fingers her furiously until she cums again. Her whole body shakes and she screams as the explosion of pleasure building inside her bursts out. She then sits up and takes the officers cock into her mouth sucking and slurping it using her tongue like a pro. She then relaxes her throat muscles and deep throats it while officer chris moans in pleasure.

He tells her he is going to cum and she moves her head faster and faster until she feels his cock stiffen then she pulls it out of her mouth and wanks him furiously until he squirts load after load onto her face and her tits.
After 10 minutes of lying there Officer Chris tears up her fine and tells her to be on her way. And not too speed again. Because he will be watching.

Jess gets in her car with a torn top no /underwear/">underwear and cum all over her.
She decides to go home to clean herself and dress herself in something more sexier before speeding down the highway again.