What a vacation part3

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What a vacation part3

The next day me and Sue got up extra early as we wanted to walk around in the woods and see if any animals were out. We saw a couple squirrels and a deer, Sue had never seen a deer this close before and got real excited. She couldn’t get over how pretty it was.
We then went back to the resort and had some breakfast.

Our waitress was an older woman, but she sure looked great. Her tits must have been fake as they were still sticking out and at her age they should have gone south,( That’s what Sue calls it anyway.)

We ordered and no one else was in the restaurant so we asked her if she wanted to sit with us awhile. She said sure, my name is Cathy and I could sure use a rest. I’ve been at it for a few hours and my feet are hurting.

Sue said I hope I’m not being too forward but are your tits real or fake? Cathy smiled and said they sure are nice aren’t they. I got them last year and my husband and I really like them. We both said at the same time we like them too. We all laughed, this really got us comfortable with each other. Cathy said I get off in a little while if y’all hang around maybe I can show you how nice they really are. Sue said sure we will wait for a while.

Cathy went back to work and Sue told me, well baby maybe we can continue our fantasies. My cock jumped and she smiled and said while we are waiting why don’t we take a little walk. We got up and told Cathy we would be back, she said ok I’ll see you later.

Sue grabbed my hand and said come on, we’ll go back in the woods a little bit, I see your cock is already hard and maybe I’ll do something about it. I said baby I’m your slave, lead and I’ll follow. We walked for a little while and she said let’s get behind these trees. When we did she reached down and pulled my shorts down and out jumped my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me. She had her hand on my cock and everytime her mouth went up and down so did her hand. I told her if she kept doing that I would soon be cumming. She stopped for a minute and said, that’s the idea baby. My knees were getting weak and I grabbed a tree and held on.

I told her I was going to cum and she might want to quit sucking me or I would /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth. Well she kept right on sucking, so I grabbed her head and started /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth faster and faster. Suddenly my cock was shooting cum into her warm mouth. She never slowed down and sucked me till I was drained.

She looked up and smiled and I could see she still had cum in her mouth. She got up and grabbing my head, pulled it to her and kissed me and at the same time filled my mouth with my own cum. She said I know you enjoyed that cum the other night so I wanted to let you have some more.

I said well it sure tastes as good as it did the other night. I pulled up my pants and hand in hand we walked back to see if Cathy was off yet. We got there just as she was leaving. She said I have to go pick my husband up, why don’t we meet you at the resort. We said sure, told her our room number and said we will see you soon.

We got back to the room and Sue said baby maybe we can have some fun with Cathy and her husband. I said well maybe so but we need to take it slow, we don’t know how they might react if we are too forward, so let’s just see what happens.

We heard the door bell ring and Sue went to answer it and came back with Cathy and her husband. He stuck his hand out and said my name is Ken, how are y’all doing. I said just fine, we were on vacation and had met Cathy at the restaurant this morning. He said, yea she has a habit of meeting vacationers and bringing them home. He smiled and said or in this case coming to your house.

We looked up and the girls were no where to be seen when Cathy said why don’t you two come in her a minute. We walked into our bedroom and there they were. Cathy had her shirt off and her tits were looking good. She said Ken, they were wondering if they were real or not so I told them I would show them how much we liked them. Ken smiled and said, I think she likes them as much as I do. He reached out and squeezed them and said, they feel real good too.

Sue said, can I feel them? Cathy said sure. She reached out and began slowly feeling them and asked, can you feel my hands as if they were your real ones. Cathy said it depends where you squeeze them. My nipples are just like they have always been. Sue squeezed a nipple and Cathy said, ohhh now that feels good, don’t stop now.

Ken laughed and said, she doesn’t care who plays with them she just likes them played with. She also likes them to be sucked on. When Sue heard that she took one of them in her mouth and began sucking it.

Cathy laid back on the bed and told her to keep going it felt so good. Ken said, why don’t we sit down and enjoy the show. I said, sounds good to me. I could see Sue was really getting into it and I saw her hand move down between Cathy’s legs and began rubbing her pussy through her pants. Cathy moaned and moved her legs apart giving Sue more room to rub that pussy.

Cathy suddenly said, wait a minute, you have me so hot i want to take my pants off so you can do a better job. Sue smiled and helped her remove her pants and panties. Ken smiled and said, let the show begin. Cathy laid back down and this time instead of sucking on her tits, Sue went right to her pussy and began licking it. She ran her tongue down to Cathy’s hole and then back up to her clit. Cathy was telling her it felt so good and don’t stop.

She lifted her legs up higher and Sue plunged her tongue as far as it could go into her warm, juicy cunt.

I could see Ken was having a problem with his cock. He was moving around trying for a better position. Mine was hard as well, so I reached down and pulled my cock out of my shorts. He looked over and said oh yea I was hoping I could get my cock out too. It was getting uncomfortable in my pants. He stood up and pulled his pants off. His cock sprang out and wow was it big.

His head was already purple, it was so hard. He reached down and began rubbing it. It was right in front of me. I could see the veins running up his cock. It must have been at least 8 inches long and real /fat/">fat. I could see his cock leaking some of it’s juice and puddling on the head of his cock.

I licked my lips hoping I could taste some of his juice. He must have saw me looking at his cock and said if you want a lick it’s fine by me. I quickly grabbed his cock and took it into my bokep sma pecah perawan mouth. I tasted his juices and began sucking his cock trying for more of that great tasting juice.

Cathy and Sue were still going at it on the bed when I heard Cathy squeal and said, ohhh I’m cuming. Sue never slowed down. She licked her pussy until she had gotten all of her juices.

I kept sucking on that /cock/big-cock/">big cock trying to get all of it in my mouth. Sue looked over and said, I see y’all are having fun too. Ken smiled and said, oh yea it feels so good. She said well don’t get too carried away, I would sure like to have that big cock in my cunt, if that is allright with Cathy.

Cathy spoke up and said go for it, after that sucking you gave me you deserve a good fucking. I stopped sucking his cock and Sue dropped her pants and laid on the bed. She lifted her legs up and said give me that big cock. Her pussy was wet and looked so good to me. I grabbed his cock and gave it a good suck and then led it to her waiting cunt. I put the head of his cock on her cunt and watched as he slowly began to push it into waiting cunt.

She moaned a little and said ohh, it feels soo, good. While he was working his cock into her pussy I looked over at Cathy, she smiled and rolled over on to her belly. She slowly lifted her ass into the air. I could see the juices from her cunt had covered her /asshole/">asshole. I old waman xxxgx thought I would sure like to lick it clean when she said, why don’t you finish cleaning me up.

I smiled and pulling her ass cheeks apart, began /hole/ass-hole/licking-her-asshole/">licking her asshole. As I was licking her ass she began to push back harder and harder. I got the hint and began trying to push my tongue into her ass. She didn’t let up and soon my tongue went into her /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass. She said ohh, it feels soo good, but your cock would feel even better.

I smiled, hoping this would happen. I stood up and lining my cock up with her hole began pushing into her. She pushed back and suddenly my cock was in her asshole. She moaned and said go slow at first then I want you to fuck me like Ken is fucking Sue.

I looked over and saw Sue had her legs up next to her head and Ken was plunging his big cock into her cunt as fast as I had ever seen a cock go. Sue was smiling and moaning telling him to go faster and /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. I like it hard, fuck me harder, harder.
I smiled knowing how she liked to get fucked. I turned back to Cathy and began fucking her asshole deeper and deeper.

She began pushing back and said, now /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass hard and fast. I grabbed her waist and buried my cock the whole way in her ass. It was so tight and it felt so good I knew I wouldn’t last long. She squeezed her asshole and I moaned. She was milking my cock with her asshole.

I told her I was going to cum and she said, oh yea I want to feel you fill my ass up with your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. She pushed back and gripped my cock even harder and I shot my cum into her tight asshole.

Suddenly Ken was hollering I’m cumming. I looked over and saw him ram his cock into Sue’s cunt and held it there as he filled her hot hole up with his cum. We both got done at the same time and laid down on the bed side by side. He looked over at me and said, I hope yours was as good as mine. I said mine was great.

We smiled and laid back catching out breath. I felt the bed move and suddenly my cock was being sucked. I looked down and saw Sue was cleaning my cum off my cock and Cathy was cleaning up his cock.
We laid there enjoying the girls as they cleaned us up.

I was beginning to get hard again. Sue came up and whispered in my ear, baby I saved all his /cunt/cunt-cum/cum-in-my-cunt/">cum in my cunt so you could suck it out and maybe have one of your fantasies come true. I knew what she meant. I had fantasized about sucking someone elses cum out of her cunt while I had a big cock in my ass.

Cathy and Sue must have talked earlier because she was leading Ken by his cock. Sue got on the bed and spread her legs apart. I could see her cunt was overflowing with cum. I got up and leaning over the bed began licking that cum out of her still /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt.
I felt Ken’s cock at my asshole and wandered if his big cock would fit in my asshole.

I couldn’t wait to try. He began pushing his cock into me. It didn’t feel like it was going to go. He pulled back and I felt a hot tongue on my asshole. Cathy was licking my asshole with her mouth still full of his cum. She got my hole nice and wet and he put his hard cock on my asshole again. He began pushing into me and suddenly his head popped into my ass. My /fantasy/">fantasy was coming true. I was sucking someone else’s cum out of Sue’s cunt and getting fucked in the ass at the same time.

He slowly pushed his hard cock into me a little at a time. He would go in then back out and everytime going in a little deeper. It was beginning to feel good and I started pushing my ass back trying to get more of his hard cock in my ass. Sue grabbed my head and pushed it hard into her cunt. She began filling my mouth with her cum and what was left of his cum. I greedily sucked both of their cums up.

He was fucking me hard and fast now, going the whole way in my ass with his long hard cock. I couldn’t get enough of it in me.

I felt my cock being sucked and knew Cathy was between my legs sucking my cock. I knew with Ken’s hard cock in my ass and my mouth sucking Sue’s cunt I would soon be filling Cathy’s mouth up with my cum.

Ken suddenly rammed his cock into my asshole and held it there and for the /first-time/">first time my ass was being filled with hot juicy cum. I began shooting my cum into Cathy’s mouth. She was sucking me so hard my cum was shooting out faster than ever.

I felt Ken’s cock sliding out of my asshole. It was getting soft but I didn’t want it to end and I squeezed his cock with my asshole and got another shot of cum into my ass.

He pulled out and sat down on the couch and said wow what a morning. We all laughed and Sue came up to me and said was it as good as you hoped. I said no baby it was a whole lot better.

She kissed me and said and this is only the start of vacation. I wonder what’s next?