The Hollow in the Sand Dunes part 3

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The Hollow in the Sand Dunes part 3

"The book? Have you read it then?" She felt embarassed being caught out with such a book.
"No, but a girl-friend told me about it. It sure made her hot!"

He was standing between Veronique and the sun, which was getting quite low as it was already late afternoon. His face was difficult to make out but not the sillouette of his his naked body.
He dropped down on one knee beside her, turned over the book and read aloud the last few lines of the chapter she had just finished:
'When the last of the rugby team had finished with her she struggled to sit up and found that the sheet she was lying on was clinging to her ass with the ejaculations of fifteen potent and lusty young men. She peeled it off her and stood proudly erect with a expression of triumphant satisfaction. "Thanks boys. That was great" was all she said.'
"Well it sure isn't great literature" he said, with a smile "But it certainly turned my /girlfriend/">girlfriend on, and you too, by the look of it."

Veronique guessed he had noticed she was wet between the legs.

He told her that he was just on his way to the beach bar to catch a drink and, if she hadn't any other plans, perhaps she might like one too. As he was half kneeling beside her, she was able to study his cock at close quarters. How did it compare with her memories from her nudist childhood and those described in such detail in the book?

It was quite large and substantial even in its relaxed state. It was fully covered with an abundant foreskin, nicely puckered at the end which glissened with a little drop of clear liquid.
He shifted milf porn videos his position a little to get a better view of her face and his cock brushed the sand and picked up a few grains on the end which he unconcernedly picked off with his finger nail.
He had been talking the while but Veronique's attetion was elsewhere!
"Shall we go then?"
"Where to? Oh. Yes. Alright" she said, pulling herself together and standing up.

Leaving her beach towel where it lay, she picked up her beach bag, put the book and her other things into it and off they went.

He ordered long drinks for them both and paid for them, taking money out of a little waterproof plastc tube tied with a /thong/">thong around his waist.
"Shall we sit down?" suggested Veronique.
"That's a problem" he said "I haven't a towel to sit on. No bare buts on the chairs!"
"I've got a small towel in my bag. If we sat on the bench at that table we could share it"
The towel was indeed very small and fittig both bottoms onto it needed some arranging. They got as tightly 'cheek to cheek' as possible with Carl (foot out at an angle and his right arm grasping Veronique's right buttock. She had her left shoulder in front of his right one and held onto his right thigh. he could only drink holding his glass in his left hand, which was not so easy, he found.

Nearly falling over, she grabbed him and found that she had got a hold of his cock. Quickly pulling back, she said "Sorry!"
"What for? That's all right by me." So she put her hand back giving him a friendly squeeze.
"Well isn't that nice and cosy!" he said.
After, they decided to go on further to a restaurant where they could sit outside. Inside, they would have had to be dressed.

Over dinner, they found out a bit about each other. Carl turned out to be Austrian but had lived in England since he was a child, and now lived on the island, teaching at the university. Veronique was named after her French grand-mother.
She told him that she had bought a cabin on the site when she had visited Corsica last year and was paying for it with the money earned through the summer lettings. These first weeks in September she had reserved for Charles and her, but Charles could not get away for the first week, and so she was here alone.
"I suppose you bought it off Jean-Baptiste, Nature Boy?"
"That's a good name for him. Doesn't he ever wear any clothes? I can't imagine him wearing trousers" she said.
"He doesn't even own any. Hasn't worn anything as long as I've known him, and a lot longer! You realise, I suppose, that this whole place here is in the hands of the mafia" said Carl "but don't worry, they will look after you and you'll make money out of it, and so will they, of course. You know that July is the month of the Gays and August is 'le Mois des libertines'. That's why they can charge such high rentals these last two months, and nice people, like you should stay away. Have you any idea what went on in that little cabin of yours?"
"All I know is that it was very profitable" she said. "What does go on?"
"Everything described in that book of yours and more" he replied.
"Must be wild. Were you here?"
"Only some of the time ."

After Dinner, Veronique said she wanted to get back to her cabin but was a bit afraid in the dark, so Carl offered to accompany her and they strolled back, arms around each other, hands sliding down to hold each other's bottoms.
When they got to her towel, Carl turned her towads him, kissed her and grasped her and pulled her down onto the towel. Soon they were fucking under the moonlit sky.
"I know that was what you needed."

Turning her over onto her back beside him, he said "Do you know we have an audience?"
She looked up and saw three men standing there masturbating.
Carl made a slight beckoning movement to one man and he dropped immediately down and thrust into her before she knew what was happening. He was rough and quick and came quickly. Got up and was gone.
The second man took up position, and asked if she minded, but, without waiting for an answer, eased his cock into her cunt, which was still wet from the other man's spunk. When he had finished, he smiled and thanked her before leavlng.

By that time there were more men gathered around. Veronique felt that she was dreaming again of the gang-bang in the book but this was real and happening to her! She was having wave upon wave of orgasms as one man after another fucked her. She could feel each cock, whether it was large or small, thick or thin, long or short. Each one different. Each one a wonder of nature. She had no idea how many there were.
Eventually, there were just a couple, /men/women-men/man-and-women/">man and women, there and one other man.
The woman was shouting at the man "Go on then, fuck the /whore/">whore, you know that's what you want, you disgusting animal. Go on!" With that, she gave him a push and he fell on top of Veronique and fumbled to get his cock into her. The woman was shouting obcenities at them the whole time and even hitting him and kicking him while he was trying to fuck her.
When he came, he pulled out of her got up and ran away with the woman chasing after him, still shouting.

Then the other man approached her. He was older, with grey hair, what there was of it, and a little, grey moustache. He said "Don't take any notice of that /bitch/">bitch. I'm sure you are very nice and I would consider it a big favour if I may..."
"Of course you may. Come on along, please, I want you."
He was very gentle with her and sald she was a very lovely lady to be so kind to an old man."
"That was really nice" she said. "What's your name?"
"George" he said.
Perfect! Just perfect.

Veronique wiped herself down and was helped up by Carl, who had been beside her the whole time.
"Well then. How did you like a gang-bang after all?"
"OK, but it wasn't a rugby team though."
"Some people are never satisfied."
"Let's go to bed" she said.

The next morning, they went to buy bread for breakfast. When coming out of the shop, they saw George with a lady of about the same age.
"Hallo" he said, smiling, and turning to his companion, said "Mabel, dear. this is the young lady I told you about last night."

She smiled at her, "How nice, George told me all about it. You were ever so kind to my George. He came home like a young lad. He
was happier than I've seen him for a long time! You are a lovely young lady and I don't know how to thank you enough."
With that, she gave Veroniqque a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss.

When she turned around to Carl, he was nowhere to be seen. She never saw him agaln.

The next day, Charles arrived.

"What have you been doing with blowjob porn videos your self all alone? Met anyone interesting?" He was full of questions, but she could not tell him much. Just couldn't!
"I did have dinner with a nice man last night. That's all. No need to be jealous. Nothing happened."

Nothing much!