New Years Kiss

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New Years Kiss

Janice really liked her special occasions. Didn't matter which one, Ney Years, birthdays, July 4th, May day, they were all good. Ever since last New Years Eve. She wasn't really at the , except it was at her parents" house, and when the hour struck she was sort of hanging in the periphery, wishing she was part of it. She had been kissed before, but not like these guys kissed, long and so . At the time she was only 16, almost ready to call herself a grownup, but not really knowing what being a grownup entailed. But the kissing sure looked fun. At 18 she had all the shape and size of some of these women, she just didn't really know what it was all for.

Then Gord from next door had seen her quietly standing in the shadows, and gone to her. Her heart jumped into her throat as his hands dropped onto her shoulders. "Happy New Year, Jan." She loved it when he called her Jan, it made her feel so adult. Then she realized with a bit of panic that he was going to kiss her, and even she knew you didn't say no on New Years Eve. Not that she wanted to, anyway. Gord was more than a little surprised to feel her arms going around his neck. True, most of the other ladies did, but he really only intended a quick peck, just to let the girl feel like part of it. But her lips were parted and warm, and he responded out of reflex, and in the end it was a very nice kiss, and he was surprised to find he was pulling the girl close. Jan too felt his arms and raised up on her tiptoes for him. She really regretted that they couldn't stretch it out any further. Kissing was better that she had dared hope. She had to drop her arms when Gord put his hands back to her shoulders, but she would have been happy to continue the hug.

"That was way more kiss than I bargained for, girl." Gord grinned down at her, "I wish there was a good excuse to do that again. Next New Years is a long time away."
"I'm glad you want to kiss me again," Jan said into his chest. After a moment she looked up, a bit of mischief in her eyes, "Isn't it the seventh or eighth day of Christmas too?"

Gord did some mental juggling, "It might be. Are they kissing days too?" Gord had to stop talking quickly, because Jan's lips were almost on his, and then her arms were squeezing him tight again, and it just felt too good not to reciprocate. Jan even felt a little shock to find their tongues touching when she really ground into him in what she imagined was a fair show of passion. Then she was aware that other people were drifting closer, and Gord felt it too, and their magic moment was over. Jan escaped down the hall to her room and the other guy had to wonder who he had just missed. Gord had a new lady to kiss, and didn't dwell on what for Jan had been an earth shaking experience.

Jan dwelled on it a great deal over the next couple days. On the one hand she was happy that they were not caught, but on the other, she would have taken that chance for just a little more taste of this new facet to life. Then she was getting ready to go back to school, and also, her seventeenth birthday was getting close, with the promise of driving lessons. Exciting times, indeed. She even knew a boy who word had it was interested in her. So the affair was forgotten, until the day two weeks later when she was out washing her mom's car, piling up brownie points for when she might want to borrow it. Gord's garage door rumbled up and his car backed out onto the driveway the two properties shared. She noted with a pleased start the happy look on his face to see it was her, and she felt the flush of memory color her face.
Hi, Jan!," she gratefully noted he didn't call her kid, "How are you? I"ve missed seeing you around. Want a chamois? It makes it a lot easier to go streak free." As he talked he was backing into his garage to get the cloth for her, and she found herself following, not knowing why. "Only 50 more weeks to New Years Eve again. Hope I can wait. Such a nice custom. Wish there was more days like it. When's your birthday, that's a kissing day, isn't it?"

Jan felt the feelings flowing back to her as he talked. Damn it, she wished there were more days like it, too. Then the thought slammed her. "My birthday was yesterday! Did we miss it? Does it matter if its late? I'm sorry, I didn't even think about it." She paused when she saw Gord was laughing at her outpouring, and she coloured even more. She squirmed, "I sound like a hussy, don't I? Sorry I'm such a dweeb."

Gord laughed and flipped the chamois over her head, framing her face with it, and chuckling to see how easily she let herself be pulled to him. "No, its not too late Its always the right time to kiss you." He stood smiling, their lips only inches apart, he watching her lips twitch and pucker, waiting for the moment of meeting. He felt a twinge of guilt knowing it wasn't just for her sake that he was doing this, knowing his wife wouldn't be at all happy about it, not would Jan's folks. But she was so eager and willing, and a little peck wouldn't hurt.

A little peck wasn't what Jan had in mind, not once they were kissing. This was still a new game to her, and she felt he owed it to her to teach her more. She would be happy to make it as fun for him as she could. Gord found it a lot of fun, especially when her tongue found his and openly played with it, and it was a steamy minute before they broke apart, this time Gord flushed and flustered.
"You know, pet, that's the sort of kissing that goes a lot farther than either of us is allowed to go. You understand that? As much as I like it, I can't let it go further, if only because I like you too much."

Janet did understand, and in her mind she was grateful that Gord had baled her out. She nodded into his chest. "You"re right. I'm sorry. Its just that this is all so new and exciting and fun. She quickly smile up at him, "And it was only a birthday kiss, wasn't it? Not like we were doing it with no excuse." She thought a moment, then with mischief in her voice, "When is your birthday? Would that be OK?"
Gord guffawed, "How could I turn down a deal like that? My birthday is in two months, and you got a deal. I can hardly wait."

But he did. Life went on, they saw each other often, but only as neighbours passing. Jan began seeing the boy who had been chasing her. Driving lessons were exciting, even if she didn't seem to be destined to be a very safe driver. Really exciting for her instructors. The boy was a bit of disappointment. He was very attentive, but overly possessive, and from a religious family that stopped him from being at all interested in exploring her body. He even talked of someday being a preacher and she teaching in his Sunday school. At times like that she could only bite her tongue and hope that nature would wean him of these weird ideas. His idea of a kiss was the peck Gord had been expecting last new years, and he was shocked to find Janice demanding more from him. Still, he had no doubt he could in time tame her restless spirit and make her a good little helpmate.

Then, suddenly, the tick Jan had put on her calendar marking Gord's birthday came up. She thought a lot about it that night, and when morning came she was up early to greet whatever was in store. When she heard Gord's garage door open, she quickly finished her tea, and volunteered to cut the little lawn they had. Gord's car was in the drive, but he had gone back inside, and she resolutely went in to where he had got the chamois for her all that time ago. Her courage wavered a bit when she saw that he was in fact waiting for her, the same chamois in his hands. Then she bit the bullet.

"Happy birthday, Gord.," and smiled her sweetest smile for him. And melted into him as he reached out, and made the kiss the perfect blend of out and out lust and friendly congratulation. After, she made no move to continue the embrace. They had the ground rules set now. It was OK to kiss, it was not OK to turn it into making out. But there was regret for both when it was over. "Not till New Years?," there was genuine regret in her voice. This, and the stodgy relationship with Kenneth,(he insisted on Kenneth), were not really enough. "How about the fourth of July? That's a really big day!"

Gord was amused, but pleased. After all, he had backed his car out in the hope Jan would take her cue, so he xnxxv sunny leone video couldn't deny he was an active partner in this dalliance. "July fourth can't come soon enough. Bring it on." Then he broke his own rule and kissed her again, and really quite nicely, in a naughty kind of way. So it was a natural that the next time they were able to be alone, only a couple weeks later, that Jan blurted without even thinking, "Its Queen Beatrice's birthday" It really was. She had seen it on the news. So had Gord, and he was more than happy to salute the Queen via Janice. After that it was a game to find an excuse whenever a golden opportunity happened. On really legitimate days, like Labour day, and July 4th, they actually took extra measures to get alone. It was never that hard. Gord worked 8 to 4, his wife worked 9 to five, so there was always a few minutes in the late after noon.

Oddly enough, New Years Eve eluded them. The party for Gord was at his wife's boss's place and nothing could be done about that. In fact, they didn't see each other all through the holidays because Janice went to Hawaii with her parents. They didn't come back till the day after she turned eighteen. Kenneth was history by then. He had objected to her going to Hawaii in favour of going to a midnight mass with him, and she was actually a grateful to him for forcing her to do the inevitable. She had such a great time she hadn't even missed Gord that much. True, she had thought of him once or twice when real kissing occasions came and went, but now she was experienced enough to tell herself not to be a little girl. Whatever that meant.

Still, when she ran into him in the corner store, she felt very nice about the delight on his face. "Welcome back, Jan. Wow!, you"re looking great! I"ve missed you." After, as they walked to his car, he leaned close and whispered, "How many are we behind? Can I give you a ride home? If I promise to go straight there? I was hoping I could find you today." Against all this Jan let herself be herded into his car, glad she had showered just before going out, wondering how they were going to work a smooch or two in. They did indeed drive straight home and into the garage that opened for them, but she was a little surprised to hear the door creak shut behind them. She sort of expected to be pulled over for a quick peck in the car, and was a tad put out when he got out and hurried around to her side. Instead of grabbing her as she had a right to expect, he hustled her into the house, laid the bag of food on the counter, and then , finally, put his arm around her.

"Now," he murmured in her ear, "How many was that, you figure? The twelve days of Christmas, New Years, Your birthday, what else?"
Jan laughed at the barrage, "That's already more than we have time for, isn't it? It would take us an hour to get through that list. How long till Ruth gets home?"

Gord had a wicked look on his face, "About three days. More like, how soon do you have to home? Then he kissed her, and it felt so good and she was so hungry for it, she didn't bother answering. After a few minutes, she had no will or desire to resist as Gord led her to the living room. As they entered, he looked up, "Oooh , look, mistletoe" , and they kissed for that, then a few more steps and , "No mistletoe". but they kissed anyway, and now Gord didn't object when Jan opened wide and explored his mouth with her tongue. Its not like the arrangement between them had magically changed, but, dammit, the girl was obviously available to him, and who was he to spurn her. real forced anal against her will She would let him know when it was time to quit.

Janice felt a bit of panic when she heard three days. Always when they were together it was the knowledge that they had only minutes that made it safe and somehow Okay. She wasn't going to say something about having all night herself, her parents being out of town in a tennis tournament. Gord might panic and shoo her away right now. Maybe in a little while. Meantime, this was so delicious, and, compared to previous encounters, so cloistered and safe from discovery. There was so much more to discover about being with a man that she wanted at least some insight into. There was kissing to celebrate an occasion, but what about actually petting, making out just for the sensual pleasure of being close? So she didn't fight when she felt the edge of the couch inviting her to sit.

Gord felt her arms puling him down to her as she settled onto the big sectional. He had some misgivings, but when he looked into her eyes they were resolute and trusting, and he couldn't have resisted even with a vow of chastity. Her eagerness to get closer quickly had them laying down in a tangle to arms and legs, and it was quite by accident that Gord's hand groped and lingered on a breast for a moment before he clicked on what he was doing and moved it, mumbling apologies into Jan's neck. Keereist!, it was a good thing she lived next door and they didn't have a lot of time for things to get more out of hand.

Jan regretted having the hand removed. It was almost sexier than kissing, because it was a statement of intent, the kind of intent she had been trying to get from Kenneth for the past year. Now, with Gord's attentions to her ear and neck sending tingles everywhere , she missed the frank touch of his hand on a forbidden area.

"Nobody has ever touched my breast before, " she managed to whisper, "Didn't you like it?" Her mouth was dry at her daring, but the moment might pass and now was now. Gord pulled back and looked again into her face, still wondering what was going to bale him out of this predicament. Jan took his quizzical look as seeking permission and, holding his eyes, pulled down her tube top and firmly placed his hand back on her breast. She had always been just a little smug about the generous size she had been gifted with, and she also knew Ruth was a tiny lady, and it was with pride she watched Gord tentatively knead her flesh, then bring his other hand to its mate. Her nipples were at attention, and the sensations being sent to her groin were so deliciously wicked.

Gord was in agony as he bent to kiss the lovelies in front of him. He could see the effect he was having on the girl, and also aware how he was feeling, and the only place this could go. He also knew he couldn't stop it, at least by himself. Her moan when he nibbled the left nipple told him now was the time to bail out.