Conquering Ian

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Conquering Ian

The /first-time/">first time I saw Ian, I knew that I has to have him. He was about 6 foot, brown hair, muscular and toned. It was the first day of my new job and he sat two desks away from mine. I?d just started in a fairly sexxxx video ful hd large London Solicitor?s practice, and hadn?t told anyone that I was gay. He was straight of course, and a bit of a player at that, managing to get around to fucking all of the single /women/">women in our office, as well as a few of the attached ones as well! He was hot but no one knew that more than himself!

He only had an eye for the ladies which meant that I could only gaze at him longingly from a distance, wondering what it?d be like to fuck him. I longed for Fridays when we were allowed wear smart casual clothing. For Ian this meant he?d wear a shirt with the top three, or if I was lucky four buttons open allowing me the smallest of glimpses at his toned chest. I never thought that it?d ever amount to anything until a sudden stroke of luck at my first Christmas /party/">party.

We?d had the party at a posh hotel in Kensington. About 15 of us, including both myself and Ian had decided to go clubbing afterwards. Ian was completely legless downing vodkas like they were water. Within minutes of arriving at the club, he?d already started making moves on a young Blonde. The group got split up and we soon lost track of Ian. At about half one, I headed to the Men?s toilets. There was a queue for the urinals so I went into one of the cubicles. I?d started pissing when I looked around and noticed a hole in the wall between my cubicle and the next one. I could actually see the back of the guy in the cubicle next to me. I was just finishing when I noticed that he was cutting lines of what I presumed was cocaine. I was about to turn to get out of there as quickly as possible when the guy turned his head slightly and I suddenly realised that the guy was Ian. I stood there in shock for a minute realising that my Idol Ian had a coke habit.

Suddenly I whipped out my phone and turned on the camera. I began snapping away as I watched Ian snorting line after line of Coke. As he finished and turned to leave I ducked to make sure he wouldn?t spot me when he was leaving the cubicle. I stood there for a few minutes before it finally set in what I had seen. I looked at the pictures on my phone. While they had been taken a bit for away, it was obvious that it was Ian and it was obvious that he was snorting cocaine. I waited about ten minutes then left the club straight away. I got a taxi back to my flat. When I got home I searched for the box my phone had come in. After about 20 minutes I found what I was looking for, the cable for uploading photos from the phone onto a computer. Within another 20, I had uploaded the incriminating photos onto my laptop, and had started working out in my head how I was going to use them.

I decided to bide my time so I could use them to maximum effect. At the start of February there was an announcement that promotions would be announced at the end of the month. Ian was next in line for promotion, and from the moment they were announced, you could see that his whole attitude had changed. He wanted that promotion and nothing was going to stop him!

I chose a Friday to make my move. I?d set up an anonymous Hotmail email account to ensure that I couldn?t be traced, or not xxx sex video download free com quickly anyway. Shortly after lunch I sent him an email with a selection of the incriminating photos with the simple message ?Don?t want everyone finding out you?re a coke head. Be at the White Lady at 7.30 tonight.? I can see directly over to Ian?s desk from mine. It was priceless, you could see his face go white. I found it hard to get any work done for the rest of the afternoon with the anticipation of the night that lay ahead. The White Lady was a pub about half a mile from my flat

I arrived at the pub about 7. I decided to sit on a bench in the park directly opposite the pub. I had a prime view of the entrance to the pub. I saw Ian arrive about 10 past. He still looked as white as a ghost and it was obvious that he was nervy. I decided to let him sweat for a bit. At about 20 to 8 I strolled into the pub. I saw Ian sitting at a table on his own. The look of shock and anger on Ian?s face when I walked in didn?t quell when he sat down beside me. ?You? was all he could exclaim! Eventually he asked ?Why are you doing this? What do you want??. I put my hand on his thigh. ?I want you? I replied. You could see the realisation dawn on his face as he realised what I wanted. ?I?m not a fucking faggot? he whispered angrily. ?You should calm down for your own good? I told him. ?I won?t beat around the bush, I want to fuck you! You sleep with me and I won?t tell everyone that you?re a coke head. Otherwise you can kiss bye to that precious promotion of yours, and probably to your job full stop?. The look of anger on Ian?s face got even worse. ?Wouldn?t like to be looking for a job as a solicitor in the current jobs market!? I added. ?You?re a fucking bastard? Ian spat out, ?I?d like to fucking kick your head in?. ?Don?t even think about it, or else that email will be around the office quicker than you can say You?re Fired!?. ?Tell you what, how about you sit here and think about it and if you decide that letting me fuck you is the better option, you can meet me back in my flat?. I told him where I lived and left to let him stew over things a bit.

After about half an hour I started to worry that he wouldn?t do it. Then eventually I heard a knock on the door. Ian looked as hot as ever but he still had a nasty scowl on his face. ?Lets just get this over with?, he said pushing his way past me. I led him into the bedroom. I sat down on the bed. ?Strip? I told him. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a toned six pack. It was obvious that he waxed from the complete absence of chest hair. He then unbuckled his jeans, threw off his shoes, and pulled them down to reveal a pair of white Calvin Klein trunks. He stood there for a second before eventually taking them off. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his cock. It was about seven inches long (soft!) and the girth was massive. No wonder he was so popular with the ladies if he was packing that much. I was going to enjoy this. ?Sit on the bed? I told him as I stood up. He sat at the edge of the bed. I quickly unbuckled my jeans, dropped my boxers, and pulled out my already stiffening cock. ?Suck it? I told him. You could see a look of anger, disgust and confusion on his face. He obviously didn?t know what to do with it. Eventually, he grabbed it and put it in his mouth. It was obvious within seconds that he?d never given head before and wasn?t much good at it. However, after spending so long fantasizing (and jerking off) thinking about shagging him, the /reality/">reality that here I was with my cock in his mouth aroused me so much that I nearly came in his mouth.

I pulled my cock out before that happened. ?Let me show you how to give a real blow job? I told him as I got down onto my knees and began sucking his cock. It was completely soft to begin with, however within minutes I had him fully erect. He even began to moan at one point. ?Sounds like you?re enjoying this I told him. ?Fuck you, you fucking faggot? he angrily shouted back, reminding me not to push my luck. ?Lie on your back? I told him ?and put your legs behind you head?. He just sat there and looked me in anger before eventually doing what I?d asked. I had a direct view of his /asshole/">asshole now. He had a lovely bubble but and I could see that he?d also waxed his butt crack as it was hair free. I began to eat out his hole. Again he began moaning a little showing that he seemed to be getting pleasure from it.

I decided to try a finger. I took my index finger and slowly began inserting it up his asshole. He let out a roar so I quickly took it out again. ?You have to relax a bit, otherwise its going to hurt like hell? I told him. ?Shut up you fucking queer? he shouted back. However when I tried again he had obviously relaxed his body a little and although he moaned a bit, it was far more subdued than the previous time. After a few minutes I decided to try a second, and then a third finger, His hole was incredibly tight, but eventually I felt his hole open. I grabbed a condom from the locker and began putting it on my still fully erect cock. ?Please don?t do it too hard? he asked tamely. ?I won?t? to start off with anyway I thought.

I slowly inserted my cock into his hole until it was fully in. I then slowly pulled it out again. I repeated this until I had a rhythm. Then I gradually began to quicken the pace. I moved his legs to put them above my arms and began to fuck him quicker. His moaning grew louder and loader. He was on his back so I was facing him directly and I could see the look of immense pain on his face, I decided to catch him unawares and as I fucked him, and I bent a little and kissed him on the lips. He looked so angry that I though he was going to spit at me.

I decided to change positions. I got him to get on his hands and knees so I could fuck him doggy style. I quickened my pace again and began to fuck him harder. His moaning grew louder and louder and I couldn?t help wondering what my neighbours thought of all the noise. After about 10 minutes doggy style, I decided to get him on his back again. This time I really let rip and began to really bang him. I could see that his cock was hard again from all the fucking. Soon, I felt my cock stiffin and I knew that I was about to come. I pulled my cock out, pulled off the condom and moved to his mouth. ?Its time for you to swallow your first load? I told him. He looked as if he?d just given up and quickly opened his mouth. I began to come and he actually was able to swallow most of it. After I finished coming, I laid beside him on the bed for a few minutes, still aroused by what I had just done.

Next I decided to move my attention to his cock. He hadn?t come yet and I really wanted to swallow his load. I put his by now softening cock in my mouth and began to suck it. After a few minutes he was hard again, and after less than five minutes of my expert cock sucking skills, I could feel his cock stiffin. Then suddenly he began to come. I managed to swallow every drop of it.